Blogger Image Sizes

 Blogger Image Sizes

An introduction:

Blogger blog image size, which fits all articles, is known to all professional bloggers, but there are beginners who have problems with image sizes, so the appropriate size for blog image is 560px * 320px, and there are other sizes.

To find out that the Blogger blog's image size is the correct size, you must click on the image and see the displayed column below the image, which in turn indicates to you that there is a problem with the image or not.

The blogger blog is very simple in dealing with sizes and sizes, but you must know the real size of the images that you want to put in your topic.

The Blogger blog platform allows you to resize images in posts by clicking on the image, so you can see more than one image size.

Blogger Image Sizes

Image sizes in blog posts:

In blog posts, you find more than one image size, such as small, large, larger, and original size, if you have created a photo and it is a large size you can resize it quite easily, but if you know the correct size, you don't have to experiment with image sizes and sizes every time while writing an article.

As mentioned above at the top of the article, the appropriate size is approximately 560px * 320px and does not cause a problem because this size is suitable for the content in a coordinated manner.

Especially when you choose the original size, you will no longer need to redesign a proper image, as there is scaling for the exact size of the content which is 640px * 360px.

Correct image format:

We mean the image format or type, such as web format, Jpg or Png, this is the preferred format for Blogger blog, you can choose the appropriate format.

You should also compress the images so that they are not too large while downloading for the visitor, because large images take more time, and also affect the speed of your blog.

To avoid all this, you have to work from the beginning to edit all the images in your articles, so that the blog is very fast, and you do not need to edit again.

If you don't know the proper size of the images, and you have written many articles, you can go back and resize all the images you have, then you will notice the speed of your blog.

Google image search:

There is a type of visitor who is attracted by the type and shape of images, if not to say most of them, so try to design an image that attracts attention and choose the appropriate size.

And make the image publicity for your articles. Keep it consistent and clear and focus on your content in a professional and appropriate style.

Often times you find some of the pictures that are not related to the topic, for example, but not limited to, someone writing about the world of cars, and you find his article containing a picture of animals, and this is one of the many mistakes that many make.

Image is the canonical headline that can bring you hundreds or even thousands of visits during Google image searches if you make sure that the image placed inside your Blogger blog post is perfect with all the above criteria.

These are the dimensions that will inevitably help you a lot in speeding up the blog and therefore it will appear in the first results of google search engine results, and then the visits will come to you. Therefore, a preliminary issue is of very great importance.

And add to this the beauty of the article when you find the picture in its place devoid of deficiencies.

The appropriate sizes for a perfect image standard in the Blogger blog:

First size:

                   Width 560px, Height 320px

The second size:

                    Width 640px, Height 360

Third size:

                    Width 560px, Height 315px

Fourth size:

                  Width 500px, Height 300px

I care about the article content of your blog, with the consistency of the image display with the words of the article.

Pay attention to every detail and take all the time to scale the images on your Blogger blog.

Blogger image design:

The design of images is very important, which in turn depends on three important axes. Each axis is important, so memorize it when designing any image, and the most important of these axes are the following:


       The size and size of the image that we previously explained in detail, and I will leave you at the end of the article a link to the best design program that will definitely help you in creating professional images at all.


      Image compression is very necessary for several reasons, including increasing the speed of the blog, the speed of opening the site to the visiting audience, and good control over Google SEO.


       The image format on the Blogger blog and the appropriate format for your blog site on the web is very important, because they give you a high aesthetic of the image, less size, and a good size for it, and therefore it is preferred in Blogger.

Blogger Image Sizes

Importance of Image Size:

The importance of the correct size of the image is to increase the speed of the site and issue the titles of the blogger, and one of the most important of these benefits is to improve the SEO of your search engines and then increase the speed of your blog, which is one of the most important factors that help in ranking.

In addition, your blog is accepted in Google search engines because Google search engines like to deal with light, fast blogs.

Also, the image size and size allow Google search engines to speed up archiving.

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