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Free SEO Tools: 20 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website and Get Top Search Results

Free SEO Tools: 20 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website and Get Top Search Results


Free SEO Tools:

All free Google SEO tools in one SEO app. So you can use it in Blogger, WordPress, and others.
One of the SEO tools is a free competitor checking tool. Free Forever Keyword Checker is a global tool for pre-predicting Google's intent on keywords and other free Google SEO tools for major companies.

All the questions and more you will find in this article in which we try to explain the application of free Google SEO tools. Which helps you a lot in taking even a little knowledge.
There are many features of this free Google SEO tools app that you will surely like and bring free optimization for your Google search

Free SEO Tools: 20 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website and Get Top Search Results

 SEO Free Tools app:

It is an android application with a size of only 9 megabytes; It is an app that has all the Google SEO tools that every blogger needs, to make things easier for them. Optimizing your website's Google search engines without searching too much for tools is important.

 There are two great features of this free Google SEO tools app. :

 General chat section:

 In this section of the application, you will find free Google SEO tools for all users of the application. Its purpose is to communicate with each other and help each other in this public chat. ; Where during the chat we can send pictures, emojis, and videos.

Forum section:

The forum section allows users to view all issues or advice in the post. It also allows post interaction and commenting, which is an excellent way to ask questions specific to blogging fields.

Next is the Free Google SEO Tools section, which contains all the numbered Google SEO tools. Currently, 22 free tools are constantly updated and increased within the free Google SEO Tools app.

How the free Google SEO Tools app works:

 It is a simple and uncomplicated design, made by the appcreator24 platform.
It has 3 sections on the home page: the forum section, the general chat section, and the free Google SEO tools section.
Also, there are several sections in the side menu of the application, which are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.
The tools within the free SEO Tools app are included within the app in web format. , since this formula is an in-app tool that is included by. Take the tool's link from its website and then open it in your Android or iPhone app; It should be noted that using the tool from within the Android app consumes less internet than opening it on the site because the web syntax removes some scripts from the tool that you don't need, so it won't destroy much of the internet.
As for the two sections (public chat - forum) they are from the programming salvation within the application creation platform. appcreator24.
See the explanation of the sections on the homepage of the My Free SEO Tools app in the images below.


Explanation of the main page in the application of free SEO tools:

  • To enter the closed section of Free SEO Tools, click. (Free SEO Tools) The color inside the rectangle is red.
  • To enter the public chat with users within the app, tap. (General conversation) inside the rectangle in green.
  • To enter the forum for the application of free SEO tools. Click on the (professional forum) inside the black rectangle.
  • To bring up the side menu with all the free SEO tools, click the three dashes. On the top right or left of the screen (depending on your phone type), see the image below.

Permissions and Security in Free SEO Tools App:

The permissions required in this free SEO tools app are:

Phone location request:

This free SEO tools app needs your device's location i.e. GPS to locate your college. And show it to users within the public chat and forum.

Note: Your device's location is the country, not the location you reside in.
Request access to photos and videos.
The app gets permission to access photos and videos so you can. Send and receive media files within the public chat and forum in the app.
Note: If you deny any permissions to the app, you will not be able to use it, whether access is required or not. This is due to the platform on which the app is built. It works with this system in all its applications that contain chat and forums.
Also, note that your data is never shown to app developers. Or even the platform from which the app is built, Android app developers know this very well with online platforms.

1- Check or Seo Play:

It is a tool for checking websites and articles. It's free for life and you don't need to pay a fee, this tool enables you to discover the ranking of your topics. Search Engine and Website Checking SEO and Articles Tool.
When placing a link to your site or a link to an article and verifying it. In SEO Check or Site and Article Check Tool, you will see the result of the article or site in percentage.
It also shows you the site or article verification report. Where there are errors that you have to fix; Note that this tool is in English.

2- The keyword tool:

 Word Keyword Suggestion Tools is a free SEO tool that gives you a free service to suggest keywords related to the word you want to book about it. In the forum, you are suggested a very large number of keywords, as well as the number of poetic searches for each keyword. Word tools, competition rate, and click rate.

3- Neil Patel is a keyword analysis tool:

Neil Patel's message
Neil Patel is a site and keyword analysis tool, designed by a global SEO expert. Neil Battle This tool enables you to scan your entire site and detect SEO errors on your site, as well as see the number of monthly visits to your site and the number of backlinks, there are two versions in the Neil Battle tool, one is paid and one is free, the free tool allows you to check your site Three times a day maximum, keywords were checked three times. The daily maximum, but in the paid version, the scan and analysis are unlimited.

4- google keyword planner google AdWords tool:

Google AdWords tool
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making minor tweaks to the elements of your website
Google Keyword Planner, Google Adwords, or Google Ads is a free service that you offer. Google is intended for advertisers and publishers and allows them to know the performance around keywords in terms of the number of monthly searches, keyword competition rate, and click price on ads. It is free for life and may not work. This service is available on low-end phones or phones with low capabilities.

5- management-code keyword extractor script:

Script Keyword Extraction Tool
Keyword Script is a free tool that does not have a paid version. It extracts JavaScript containing the keywords you are targeting in your article.
This code is used to tell search engines what you are talking about in your article and your chances are higher. When appearing with the keywords you have included in this code, this tool can be used in Blogger, WordPress, and others.
Free SEO Tools 20 Free SEO Tools to optimize your site's search engines and drive search results.

Free SEO Tools: 20 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website and Get Top Search Results

6- Google Trend Tool:

google trend tool
Google Trend A tool to learn more about popular articles provided by Google for publishers. In order to follow what people are searching for in the Google search engine in real-time, and also to discover temporary trending topics such as (When Ramez Jalal hosts a person on his TV show, he is searched extensively. The search is done on the same day and then very few will be searched This is the temporary popular article.

7- The audience’s answer:

A tool that predicts the intent of researchers Predicts the intent of the visitor Anticipates the intent of visitors or researchers, finds out for you what the researcher wants from the word. This is a powerful and important tool that all professional bloggers, beginners, etc. need.
That's where Google cares a lot about what they're looking for. About visitors, if you answer visitors' questions and more, Google will rank you well, this depends on the quality of the article in terms of the amount of information, format, etc.

8- Arabic word and letter counter tool:

The word and character counter is a free-for-life service offered by the global SEO website. (Arabic SEO) It allows you to count words and letters in articles and calculate an unlimited number of words other than some of them. Other tools, in order to count the word count for your article, all you have to do is copy the article words, then paste them into the word and letter counter tool, then click Next, and then it will show you the number of words in the article as well as the number of letters.

9- Free SEO Tool Check Out Exclusive Articles:

Check out our exclusive articles
This tool helps you to know if your article is exclusive and will not be written. before on the Internet, stealing from you or something else, in general, this tool shows you the percentage of exclusivity for the article, as a percentage that is required to be Your articles are exclusive they are very excellent.

10- Genie Rank Tool:

This tool works with artificial intelligence, as its idea is simplified, aimed at improving SEO, writing an exclusive article, knowing the keywords and the number of repetitions in the text, and the strength of competition on the chosen topic is also a catalyst for archiving the article very quickly.
There is more than one package with different prices in the Genie Rank tool, it also has a free but limited package. The free tool leads you to write a 500-word article with a maximum of 500 words and a limited number of keyword and competitor checks etc. This tool is included in the free SEO tools app. It is considered the best on the list of free tools.

Free SEO Tools: 20 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website and Get Top Search Results

11- google search console google webmaster tools:

Google Webmaster Tools, of course, everyone who reads this topic knows. What is google webmaster tools or google search module and this tool has been added inside the free SEO tools app? In order for the application to be comprehensive for everything a blog needs, and for complete control of the blog from within the application of free SEO tools. Also, the Google Chrome browser has been added to the app to browse websites and see ranking. Your articles and your user articles on all search engines.

12- Google Adsense Free SEO Tool:

Of course, everyone on this topic knows Google Adsense. Ad for publishers, embedded within the Free SEO Tools app that contains all the tools you need as a person. There is an online blogger inside the Free SEO Tools app, as I mentioned in the previous tool.
Note: - Free SEO tools app developers will not see any data from. Users, I have a free app for SEO tools, including not showing up for app developers. a. Permissions are explained What the app, app permissions, and security are asking for is at the beginning of this thread, and appcreator24 users know that too.

13- Broken Link Checker:

This tool is required by all content writers and saves a lot of time and effort on content creators. Content from searching for broken links within their sites, as a site with broken links, especially a 404 error, may drop the site's ranking in search engines, so you'll need a tool to check. The site is one of the broken links, and this free tool will replace you with any other tool, this tool will show you all the broken links. Even if there is a broken link in the template code itself, it will be detected for you, and you will take action and delete or modify the broken links.

14- Free Backlink Number Checker:

Everyone who is interested in their site will definitely make an external link to their site in order to increase the power of the site and increase the chance of articles ranking in a good search result, so you will need a detector. Find out how many backlinks you have made to your site, and in a checking tool. The number of backlinks will help you with this for free for life.
In order to check your site in terms of the number of backlinks, all you have to do is put in your site link. Then click check and the number of backlinks on your site will be checked without any problems.

15- Page Speed ​​Website Speed ​​Checker:

Site Speed ​​Check or Site Speed ​​Meter is a free tool from Google that helps owners. Websites check website speed percentage and give you reports for each. On a site, you check for things that are causing slow speed. The site has some suggestions for all these problems.

16- Check the Website Authority Verification Tool:

Website Authority Checker, Website Strength Checker, or Banana Ranking Tool. The tool used in the free Toolsosio app to check website authority is not a Banana tool, it is another tool. It's powerful, free for life, and you don't need to log in or enter your credit card information in order to use it.
Site authority checker included with this free SEO tools app. It enables you to check your entire site in terms of DA Domain Authority Strength and PA Page Authority and rank your site by. Alexa Rank, domain age, the country your site is targeting, or the country your traffic is coming from. More for your site, and many more verifications in this free tool.

17- Alexa is a universal tool for checking website rank:

Alexa is a paid tool for the famous Amazon that has a free service. It checks and evaluates all registered websites on the Internet. Sites are ranked according to the number of visitors to the site and other factors, as the first site is better than the second. This is according to Alexa Ranking.
Also, the Alexa tool finds out for you the biggest article that brings you to your site. Your monthly visits and the best keywords that send visitors to your site.

18- Arabic Domain Age Checker SEO:

The Arab SEO website contributed to the implementation of free SEO tools by adding two tools to it. Free SEO that bloggers need, the first tool is a word and letter counter, this tool is a domain age check, this tool helps you to know the age of your domain and the renewal date from the company. From whom you purchased your domain name or domain.

19- Canva Free Thumbnail Maker:

Canva is a tool that any good Google or YouTube creator needs. This tool provides a free and paid service through which we can make thumbnails for YouTube videos or articles, whether for Blogger or WordPress.

Free SEO Tools: 20 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website and Get Top Search Results

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