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Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection"

Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection" 


What is Likee app :

 It is an application specialized in editing short videos and is a global platform for creating content for videos and sharing and in its field a world leader.

 Likee app contains hundreds of thousands of stickers and filters like Music Magic that revive videos.

With this application, all categories can create trend videos with a simple push of a button and they shine like stars in the sky of Fame in their communities, and using the Supreme feature you can make a big video in a few seconds or an exclusive music video in less than a minute. ( Apple App Store ).

Location: (owned by: / in Singapore) category: video and photos.

Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection"

What parents need to know about the Likee app :

Likee just the apps from the social media, and is classified as a laboratory, video, and pictures, but there's something unloved so that when you register it says directly fill out a list of people you should follow them so that you find yourself relay 10 people without you browse directly applicable and without their consent, even.

 You can simply click on likes and comment on videos that belong to anyone, whether you're a follower or not. Since there are minimum privacy settings.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram are also able to post videos and even profiles of the owners of those videos.

Likee app allows access to your contacts so you can have a lot of friends.


Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection"

How to work Likee and earn from it:

 Likee application depends on purchases when you open, publish and watch videos you will get a lot of followers and from it, you receive many gifts, and so you get points related to the experience, which you upgrade and become your high level.

In some levels you receive different filters and stickers for many videos that belong to you, they will be graded in the levels until you reach level 35, which qualifies you to use the live broadcast, which is limited to about 30 minutes.

Likee runs on clear LOOT BOXES, similar to other popular online games.

Another thing, you can buy Diamonds (39 pieces for us American dollar

 0.99 up to 420 pieces for us 9 99.99) and give them to other users whose videos you like.

Once you receive it, you can spend it for a large amount of money( the processing process takes between 25 to 30 days if your own return is more than an American dollar

 1,000, since: per 210 pills is equivalent to American dollar 01. 

Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection"

Beware of dodgy people who are in the app:

 Watch out, Guardian. deceitful people are many. And have traded many novels and stories malevolent claiming that they are raising and caring for children through this application. This is due to their ability to preview any profile they want to know (since there is no way to prevent them and make the account more private ) and send messages to anyone who is involved, so obviously, children will fall into their trap and become easy prey once they get in touch with them.

This kind of online environment is ideal for pedophiles because most of the popular videos were created by young girls.

 The well-known saying is: "wherever children are, they find predators."And this bitter truth is historically true. (now gone) and TikTok and Roblox .TikTok to other similar apps.

Since hashtags are searchable within the Likee application, many violators will find them present and in abundance within this application.

Through the likee app you can link to many other social platforms, so you have given Likee permission to access and get all personal information and even contacts and your friend's list.

The application team tells the creators that the user should not be a minor, and they have listed the appropriate age for each country and example:( 12 for Russia, 16 for the European Union, 15 for the United States ... Other countries are not included with them).

In an experiment we did where we wanted to register on the account of this application for the first time, we used the age of 12 years to find the application sees that this age is not enough and that it needs to be sure of our birth.

And this is the Del Fidel that it is the very easy fallacy of this application to falsify our birth and this is very dangerous, so the law enforcers should oblige this application to the law on the protection of children and their privacy online, even though this application is not considered as a social media. 


Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection"

In the Likee app are there hidden browser entries:

Instagram located within the app will be activated or turned on immediately after you click on "follow us" which is within the user settings, knowing that there is no search address or navigation for other web pages.

Note: there are few account privacy controls.

You will be shocked by the fact that there is no way to make your account protected and private, and anyone could watch all your videos, but another thing you need to know is that you can stop it, click on your profile picture -> settings -> privacy -> and then disable what you want to disable.

When you click on the "WHO CAN message me" icon you can select both: all, friends or disable.

In terms of security is Likee security:

 The bottom line makes the app is rated +18 because it has a lot of risks for children, and is, therefore, an excellent digital environment for teenagers.



 So think carefully, Guardian, about the relationship between children and social media, and what age is appropriate to give a child the freedom to use those means.

If you want to get all the security for your children when using social media, we suggest Bark, which is one of the best-trusted platforms.

Review Likee application for parents and adults - "child protection"