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What is TikTok? - Discover the fastest growing app compared to social media

 What is TikTok? - Discover the fastest growing app compared to social media


Soon not so long ago there was an app called is very well known, thanks to the participation of short videos that do not exceed 15 seconds, and broadcast, and was estimated number of his critics about 100 million users and this app gives you a tremendous number of options the music and the dialogues, thanks to which they can synchronize audio with video through the videos are funny and entertaining one at that.

This application is known globally some of its creators arrived thanks to the universality became more famous and popular within their communities and find them sharing their clips from social media platforms such as Instagram, which led to a terrible increase in the popularity of this application.

With everything we mentioned about this app, however, in August 2018 the Chinese company ByteDance acquired it and from it, all users were transferred to the TikTok app and from it, all accounts and information were transferred to the TikTok app automatically.

What is TikTok? - Discover the fastest growing app compared to social media

What is TikTok:

TikTok is a special application for sharing short videos that are allowed to be created and shared, which does not exceed 15 seconds and which contains different topics.

When you preview the application of TikTok find that his model is another custom of the Chinese market known as Duvin, which activates has more than 300 million users per month.

When you notice the logo of this application, any TikTok application, you will find a combination between the logos of the other two applications and Duvin.

Differences between TikTok and :

The TikTok app is based on the same concept of short videos but is broader in scope, unlike it focuses only on lip sync with music and dialogue.

In the TikTok application, you see that it has provided its users a huge collection of song excerpts and sounds with the option to add special effects and the option to add the video you created directly on the mobile.

TikTok added a feedback feature in September that allows users to record and share their reactions to all videos. It also added a feature called the Digital Wellbeing feature which in turn alerts its users when they spend more than 02 hours on the app.

Currently, the application is at the peak of its promotion as a social semi-private video sharing, where its users have been able to create many diverse clips whose content is such as dance videos and challenge and humor and magic, etc., so the difference between these two applications is represented by one thing, namely: that the application of TikTok has a much

What is TikTok? - Discover the fastest growing app compared to social media

How the popularity of TikTok has increased:

In October 2018, TikTok became one of the most downloaded apps for videos and photos from the Apple Store worldwide.

According to the information we have, this application has collected more than 500 million monthly users, and in the ranking of countries in terms of its use, we find the United States at the forefront of the ranking with more than 80 million downloads.

Some of the main reasons why TikTok is increasing in popularity:

* Endorsements from world celebrities:

Where this application received great admiration from pioneers, especially celebrities, we mention them Jimmy Fallon, and these celebrities helped a great and very important in that this application takes fame and popularity, and therefore the creators of this application have conducted a large number of partnerships with these celebrities and from different regions, who have become promotional tools for this application.

Where we find that Jimmy Fallon has benefited from those partnerships and included a section called "Challenges" section in his program and used this application as a platform for the challenge, where he urged his followers to face #TumbleweedChallenge and publish those clips on the application of TikTok،

The challenge became fast, collecting more than 8,000 entries and collecting 10.4 million in just one week.

Other celebrities who have taken their rights from partnerships include Kinoshita Yukina, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Watanabe Naomi. In Thailand, in India with Aashika Bhatia, and in social media like Kaykai Salander.

Thanks to these partnerships which are an important strategy for the geographical expansion of this app, there is a great promotion of TikTok on their social media channels, for example, the famous Indian Aashika Bhatia has promoted TikTok on Instagram.

So the brand definitely benefits from these influencers regardless of those paid partnerships, so that celebrities work to attract their followers to this app.

What is TikTok? - Discover the fastest growing app compared to social media

*Translated content:

Another major reason for the increase in popularity of TikTok, although this application is universal, you find it focuses a lot on the translated content.

Run the application الTikTok quiz "file they experience performance" across many countries, where they are granted racers participants several topics to create videos, and, therefore, honored the best, and it hit two birds with one stone, i.e. to increase the popularity of the app and give participants more followers and fame and appreciation.

In September 2018, in Russia, a contest was held, where 31,000 videos were entered and millions of views were collected by TikTok users, which is a contributing factor in the promotion of the application in this country.

The app also uses local hashtags to create many topics to create content for its users.

TikTok sends updates to its users in order to ensure them the latest popular videos and not lack of ideas to create these videos.

These technologies enable TikTok to impose itself and achieve a wide and comprehensive spread in the world and on a larger scale.

* Easy to create, share and display content:

When you examine the application of TikTok we find that it has simplified everything, starting from the creation of the video to the very problems that are transferred to other documents calls for his short and does not require effort and time to create the video.

Add to this that the video content is played immediately after registration in the application, where it makes the viewer in a space full of entertainment and joy and pleasure and from it do not tell you about addiction and the unconditional continuation of watching short videos varied for long hours without knowing the passage of time.

How brands can benefit from TikTok:

When you review the TikTok app you find it is completely different from other social media platforms as it is a purely marketing application that does not have any special space for advertising.

Brands take advantage of special technologies such as challenges and competitions and hashtags similar to social media platforms to promote their marketing campaigns.

For example Guess's #Inmydenim brand campaign. On September 1, 2018, Guess brand acquired the TikTok app and invited all its users residing within the USA to challenge the #inmydenim hashtag.

Another way I have already explained is to collaborate with celebrities to create brand-specific promotional content, which is a sure-fire collaboration with a 15-second video.

The future of TikTok:

According to the famous saying: "it is not difficult to reach the top but it is difficult to maintain", it does not differ two that the TikTok application has very large popularity, but this popularity is not guaranteed, because every day we notice new applications spread very quickly, and there are other applications that were pioneering than before and disappeared.

To maintain the status of this application, TikTok must strive to find new ways, solutions, and ideas periodically and continuously, and they must make the platforms fully suitable for marketing their brands.

The seriousness of competing with other social media platforms and the intensification and utilization of brands will give it a distinctive growth and position with the competitors.

What is TikTok? - Discover the fastest growing app compared to social media


TikTok application is fun and has its pioneers and every day goes on us only and increase in popularity, and has the potential to enjoy such as becoming a platform for marketing and a large social network.

We have not seen how the creators of this application will benefit from all these possibilities and preserve them and their current popularity.

And finally, what kind of TikTok app content are you?