How to profit from shortening links Get passive income without effort

How to profit from shortening links Get passive income without effort

Link Shortener - The Ultimate Guide to Make Money Fast in 2023

Many bloggers, website owners, social media players, and gamers on question-answering sites, and even forums usually find it very difficult to get paid by sharing affiliate links, posting articles, answering questions, and more sharing online. This article will provide you with Link Shortener - Ultimate Guide to Earn Quick Money in 2023 Link Monetization 2023 is another quick way to monetize the links you share in a relatively short period.

How to profit from shortening links Get passive income without effort
How to profit from shortening links Get passive income without effort

At, the world's most popular question-and-answer site, there are many questions and answers related to URL shortener. Hence, you are free to go check them out. But here, I'd like to make something out of a group. So, let's dive into the secret of using a link shortener to make money.

What are short links?

A link shortener is a tool, program, or website that can shorten long URLs (plural form of URL), track links you share and provide you with detailed data and analysis of those links. The main goal of a URL shortener is to keep long webpage addresses short ones that people can easily remember.

Meanwhile, the URL shortener acts as an intermediary between the links of the original web page and the link that you are supposed to paste or compile into your target posts, social media platforms, blogs, or articles. The URL shortener will also maintain connections between the raw URL and the new link due to the redirect. This means that anyone who clicks on a link processed with a URL shortener will first visit the URL shortener provider, and then the original web page link.

Uses of URL shorteners

When talking about the use of URL shorteners, we usually mention two uses.

Shrink URLs. When you want to share something via texts on social media platforms, you can directly paste the URLs of the web pages you want to share. But these links are very long, which makes people think of spam information. Thus, by using URL shorteners, you can make those URLs much more precise and shorter.

Track links and URLs. There are many ways to make money online, and affiliate marketing is one of them. But those links and URLs you share on your blog posts, articles and social media platforms are difficult to track. Yes, of course, you can install some plugins or use some software to follow these links, but many of them are paid versions. Moreover, you will not know which affiliate link or referral link your affiliate earnings come from.

This URL shortener can solve the problems we just mentioned. URL shorteners can create beautiful links and help you track those links. And you will see the analysis of your income data and traffic on these URL shorteners.

Hide URL. When you click on the masked URL placed by URL shorteners, you will never know where you will be directed. Hence, some will take advantage of this feature to hide URLs.

What are the advantages of using a link shortener?

As mentioned above, here I am making a list of all the advantages of using URL shorteners.

Simplify and make your link neatly. When you share something by pasting a long-tailed link directly on a social media platform, it appears as spam and prevents others from clicking on it. For example, when you share an affiliate product through the Amazon affiliate program, the URL of the product you want to share in a blog post or video is too long. It is not easy to use and results in confusion for viewers.

How to profit from shortening links Get passive income without effort
How to profit from shortening links Get passive income without effort

The job of URL shorteners is to shrink those long links into shorter, easy-to-use links. This is why the Amazon affiliate program has an program to trim long affiliate links.

For a type of content or pieces of information that you want to share, it is important to keep links short because you have to leave enough space for the entire text. Let's say, Tweets. As you know, a tweet can only contain 1400 characters.

Data tracking and analysis. Speaking of affiliate marketing, I think a lot of people get income from affiliate links but they never know which link other viewers clicked on. URL shorteners can help affiliate marketers track the performance and analytics of each affiliate link, providing more information about the traffic of the content.

gain money. You can earn money every time one link is clicked. I have explained in previous texts that some companies will advertise these URL shorteners. While these URL shorteners divide their advertising income to those who promote their services, use their link shorteners, or publicize their services by posting banners on blog posts or social media platforms.

How to use a link shortener to make money?

Now you've got an overview of how URL shorteners work, let's get to the main point - how to use a URL shortener to make money?
First, not all URL shorteners allow you to earn money. URL shortener payments only to pay you.
For now, we only pay attention to paid URL shorteners that allow you to get paid by sharing shortened URLs, referral programs, and other promotions.
Let me summarize the process of how to get paid through schematic cm down here.
By now you probably know exactly how to use a URL shortener to make money.

The best thing about making money with a URL shortener is that once you create your URL shortener and include it in any content you share or write, you are gradually building up your passive income. For example, if you write an article and put it on a platform where traffic is not an issue, viewers might see it and click on the URL shorteners that are included in the contents, then you will get income from paid URL shorteners. consistently. Now, let's dive into the next part - Best URL Shorteners to Make Money Online. We will make an example via

How to make money with URL shortener

In this part, we are talking about how to make money with a URL shortener and I will take as an example.

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